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A Few Much-Needed Updates - Everyday Routine -- a [CRACK?!] Kingdom Hearts RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Everyday Routine -- A [CRACK?!] Kingdom Hearts RPG

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A Few Much-Needed Updates [Nov. 21st, 2006|03:30 am]
Everyday Routine -- A [CRACK?!] Kingdom Hearts RPG
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Okay, so. I pulled myself out of the bloody gutter for a little while (littered as it is with crap I should be doing otherwise but am really -not- doing) in order to do some updates.

The friend add protocol has been updated, and I have added a friend remove protocol -- please keep an eye on this and make sure to update your characters' friends lists accordingly.

We seem to have lost our SECOND Kairi, which is a crying shame. But I can understand her reasons for leaving. I still have no idea what happenned to Amanda. MANDA IF YOU CAN READ THIS, SEND ME AN EMAIL. HOWEVER, we can celebrate the addition of two new players -- domasdiar will be playing Vexen and drgnfireinferno will be playing Ienzo (no guys, not Zexion, isn't it curious)! Welcome you two, and I hope you enjoy it.

Also, herald_aros has taken up Repliku the kid needs a better name, and so far is doing a fantastic job. ^^

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving -- eat drink, and be fat and happy my lovely players, and well wishes to you and yours.