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Great News!!! - Everyday Routine -- a [CRACK?!] Kingdom Hearts RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Everyday Routine -- A [CRACK?!] Kingdom Hearts RPG

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Great News!!! [Nov. 2nd, 2006|01:36 am]
Everyday Routine -- A [CRACK?!] Kingdom Hearts RPG


[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Okay, so some people may have noticed the short-lived Halloween party. Sora and I definitely did, and we put our heads together to come up with an alternative. Something that everyone could take part in, something that's fun, etc. etc.

Well, when two geniuses such as ourselves put our minds together, one of two things is bound to happen.

One, we might go utterly mad.

Two, we might work something out.

Not too sure about the first, but we did come up with a solution.

Welcome, Community Members, to the Harvest Fest! A week of festivals, taking place over seven islands and complete with seven different themes! XD

First theme: Death. This is the one that our (Sora's and Riku's) island got this year. It basically includes ceremonial dancing, specific costumes, and funeral barges. To save it from being extremely boring, Sora and Riku have graciously volunteered to be part of the dancing. Keira's also expressed an interest in dancing (and falling down XD). (And, because nobody in their right mind would actually volunteer for this, Riku and Sora were "selected.") Any of the Destiny Islands characters after the cut (or Kairi/Wakka from before it) can be a part as well, or they could sit back and laugh. However, they will have to wear some kind of costume (or not be on the island on that day, I suppose). The Dance outfit is a kimono (and yes, that includes boys -- expect Riku to complain about wearing a skirt again in the near futue). This will take place on a Sunday.

Second Theme: Children. No dressing up required, but it's strongly recommended that adults on this day dress up in bright, childish clothes. the island hosting this one will be covered in big, bright letters and colorful posters. There will be a potluck, all of food that kids enjoy (think hotdogs, PB&J sandwichs, the sort of stuff that you brought in your lunch when you were in elementary school), and kids' games like hide-and-go-seek and duck-duck-goose will take place all day. At night, there will be an "unofficial" game of flashlight-tag for the "older kids" of that island and any community members present (I think that at somewhere around 7:00 anyone's time should be good -- so if we could get any of the east-coasters on, that'd be really, really great ^_~). This will be a Monday, though, so we'll understand it if people have to get off early.

Third theme: History. Now, this one's got the potential to be worse than Death. BUT, we have this nice, hilarious play scheduled. Plus all of this island's people will be in costumes and such, and I think that it's gonna be a hot day. *grins* Imagine full-out Renaissance Fair gear on a hot, humid day, and laugh at the poor suckers who've gotta do it (no offense meant to those who do this RL -- just that it's rather, you know, uncomfortable-sounding and such. XD) This is scheduled for the Thursday of whichever week this is gonna take place on.

Fourth theme: Strength. Axel, your ass is mine in here. Yes, this is a rematch-challenge, and if you're busy Riku is soooo gonna taunt you about being a chicken. So you might wanna talk to Sora and I about scheduling this for a week where your Wednesday is free. This one is all about competitions: we're gonna have sparring matches, races of various sorts, swimming contests, wrestling, and so on. We'll probably schedule a standard Struggle match, and I was thinking about a free-for-all collect-the-orbs type game. This one's a Wednesday, and we'll see about getting rough times for the different events.

Fifth theme: Ocean. Not as lively as the last, this day is about stuffing your face and appreciating commerce and whatnot. Expect overpriced souvenirs and lots of fish. XD The main highlight will be the "sacrifices," where the people running the show throw some of their stuff back into the ocean with speeches and lots of formality. Feel free to laugh at the old guy with the straight face who's saying his nice long speech while holding a dead fish. We may decide to have the fish slip or something. You'll just have to come and find out. This one's the Tuesday.

Sixth Theme: Love. Ah, yes, love. See, this day comes complete with romantic music (and kareoke! =D On another part of the island, there will be kareoke, and a competition to see who can do the worst rendition of which classic! XD), romantic events, and basically just romance. We're highly encouraging everyone coming with at least a mask of some sort, because there's gonna be a masquerade in the center of town. We figure the "unmasking" for the masquerade will be at 11 EST (a compromise, since we both wanted it at midnight), but we're willing to maybe move it up if people really can't stay up that late. (Anything before about 8:00 EST is too early, though. 9 is highly debatable.)

Seventh theme: Luck. As the last day, everyone's basically wishing everyone else luck for the rest of the year. There's gonna be a lot of lucky charms floating around (which is the reason why the Ocean day will probably make a fortune off of thalassa shells and thalassa-shell-jewelry), and all the competitions will range from watered-down gambling to full-out gambling. XD I guess that Sora and I will take turns flipping coins to tell who wins or loses which competition and such...if we have a Luxord who's on AIM at that point, know that we'll probably weigh in his powers. XD Also, throughout the day, people can write a wish down on a piece of paper, tell one of us what it is OOC, and then tie that paper to the tail of a kite, launch it, and cut the string off. IF Keira approves, and IF it's within the rules of the RP, we'll randomly select one person to get theirs answered. (Unfortunately, that means ours won't, but sacrifices must be made. XD) So keep that in mind when making your wish -- Axel, wishing to be back with Keira is out, but Jack, a barrel of rum is probably not. XD This one will be on the Saturday of that week.

Okay, so that's the basic run-through. Also, each day will have dances by people (usually children) from the hosting-island, and everyone on that island must be dressed up. All times posted will be RL, except for Friday's, which will be warped to accomodate for the unmasking.

Naturally, everyone is invited, but it's going to take place on AIM, mostly because almost everyone who's with us at this point is on AIM. You can join at any time, just request to be added and we'll invite you in, but keep in mind that there're probably gonna be others already there when you enter. ^_^ So, just like RL, you may walk into the middle of a conversation! XD But don't be put off; the more of that we get, the more fun everyone has slight correction (so sorry ^^;;;): we'll stick it on a thread on the main community. I figure that that way we can get members without AIM to join in Xemnas, this means you and we can get everything done with some rapid-fire posting (fall in love with the Refresh button XD).

Sora and I are in charge of this whole thing, so post any comments or suggestions you have in a reply to this post, or else talk to one of us. We're happy to hear suggestions for competitions, outfits, etc., if you wanna help write the play then definitely contact us, and so on. We're also still not sure about when this is gonna take place, so if everyone could tell us when they'll be free and which they absolutely MUST go to, we'll pull that together and figure out the dates. Right now, we're thinking Nov. 26 through Dec. 2. If anyone has any scheduling problems with this, comment and tell us, mmkay? ^_^

Anyway, hope to see you all there!! ^_^

-Riku & Rikku

[User Picture]From: hinoryu
2006-11-26 03:22 am (UTC)
Well, YEAH. What do you want?

Xemnas: Hi. I'm big, evil, have no qualms about killing people, have more power than most major deities, and show up on an island where MOST PEOPLE DESIRE MY HORRIBLE DEMISE.

Uhm? A Destiny Island massacre. >>;
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[User Picture]From: treasured_trine
2006-11-26 03:37 am (UTC)
XDD Well, hey, Vexen's gonna be there, and nobody likes him. ...Correction, even Nobodies don't generally like him. ^_^ And Axel, who habitually pisses everybody off...

Besides, I TOTALLY want to get him and Rikku in the same area, without shipping her off to the Organization. ...YET. ^^;;; This is not the evil scheme you're looking for...

And why would Xemnas pass up a wonderful opportunity to mock Sora? And, of course, there's Riku, but I'll refrain from giving you ideas on what to do to him letting my bias influence what I write. ^^;
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