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[Nov. 24th, 2006|10:39 pm]
Everyday Routine -- A [CRACK?!] Kingdom Hearts RPG


Okay, so Sora remembered this RP program thing that she had (no, I didn't ask where she hid it -- under the bed, in the closet, between certain parts of her anatomy, it's all the same to me ^_~), walked me through the process of getting it to work, and I think it's pretty much what we need -- I mean, we're all scattered between various IMs, so one program that we can all go on would rock, and this seems to be it.

Okay, so here's the link to the download for the program. As it says, it's free, so no worries with buying or anything.

Now, the tutorial...

First thing you're gonna see is this big black screen. Ignore it for now. Go up to "file," then down to "new connection wizard." It'll pop up a new window, and type into the little box "sg.iamyourgod.org" (minus the quotation marks). Click next, and for the second little box, put "1321" and click next. You'll see some bubbles, the one that's already filled in is the right one, so click next again. The site name is Shattered Gem. It's Sora's, so we're not randomly tromping on someone's toes or anything we're deliberately tromping on someone's toes, but she loves us anyways XD.

That black screen from earlier? Well, words ought to be on it now. In the little box in the bottom left-hand corner, type in "connect (your character's name goes here) [random password]" Of course, take out the quotations, parentheses, and brackets. As a sidenote, it took me three tries to do this, and the first two were me trying to get in as a guest. So DON'T do that. Besides, I don't wanna have to remember, "okay, Guest1 is Xemnas, Guest2 is Axel..." and so on. So just...be yourselves. XD Pleasedon'tkillmeforthatXD

Okay, so you're in. Now, for posting. For just a dialogue post which I know Keira loves..., simply type in "dialoguegoeshere. Don't close the quote -- that'll be done for you. On your screen, then, it'll read: You say, "dialoguegoeshere."

If you want your character to do something, though, type: ; actiongoeshere. You can add dialogue as well: ; actiongoeshere. "dialoguedialoguedialogue." For this, you do need to close the quotation marks.

Okay, that's relatively simple. But we've got a creative bunch of people, and not all of us have sterling tempers like...um...dammit, who here has a good temper? Anyway, I'm sure we'll have a fight at SOME point. Definitely on Strength day. And since we all respect each other chyeahright>>;; and the rules of RP, we aren't gonna start a fistfight. Not without warning the other person, I mean. So to privately talk to page someone, type in: p person'sname=whatyouwanttotellthem. You can also waves or grin or whatever at them, just type in: p person'sname=:whatyou'redoing.

OOC chat is REALLLLY easy -- no more parantheses and doubled-parantheses and all that. Just type in: ooc yourcommentgoeshere. ^_^

Also, every hour or so the game saves itself. Ignore the pebble that falls, ignore the rippling reality; it's just the RP telling you that it's doing its thing.

Got that?

I THINK that covers it...you can also make a background for your character, give 'em a personality, etc., but I think that most of us just wanna use this to RP together, so that's not really necessary. If you wanna do it, though, just talk to Sora or I. ^_^ Sora's the one with the leet god-knowledge of it, so I'd advise talking to her.

Anyway, anyone for it/not for it/not sure...? Comments are much appreciated and questions will be answered ASAP and to the best of our ability. <3 ^_^

[User Picture]From: sorapants
2006-11-25 06:36 am (UTC)

MUSH commands and additional rules and such

In a nutshell:

" == Say in room
; == Pose in room
OOC == Out of character in room
ooc : == pose OOC. works with page too.
p (name)= == page person anywhere
\\ == Emit (which poses in room, but does not put your name in front. also, when you use this command PLEASE be sure to put some sort of name in there so we know who posed it.)
Look == looks at the room you're located in.
Look me == looks at yourself
look (name) == looks at what you named.
WHO == check who all is on.
+where == find out where everyone is.
pub == public MUSH-wide OOC channel. you can pose on it the same way you do in page and OOC.

Exits are listed at the bottom of the room in "Obvious Exits" you can navigate around the mush using those exits. However, if an exit is called something like "Rasmus's room" don't enter, because that's a private space and it's MUSH ettiquite.

When you log in, if you want a refresher on all these commands, type NTM and use the commands as listed in the description of the room. When you're done, head out, and go to Chargen.

MUSH ettiquite states that you DO NOT pose that your attack hit someone without their permission. Therefore, if you really want to pose that you hit someone, page them and ask first. Otherwise, leave your pose open ended and give your oponant the opportunity to decide whether he's hit or not. and above all, remember to BE FAIR.

Shattered Gem:
This MUSH is owned by me, so if there's a conflict you guys have between each other while on the MU, contact me. Shattered also has some other players that occasionally show up. They're playing under the original theme of the MUSH, so if they talk to you, tell them Joulia's letting you play Kingdom Hearts stuff. As for the original theme of the game, it's an original world that has sucked in anyone and anything from anime, to books, to games. For information on that, type news and take a gander around. As is, I will make a separate area for the Harvest Fest to take place in.
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[User Picture]From: treasured_trine
2006-11-25 06:39 am (UTC)

Re: MUSH commands and additional rules and such

Tell me as soon as you do, so I can add that to the original post and such. ^_^
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[User Picture]From: sorapants
2006-11-25 06:57 am (UTC)

Re: MUSH commands and additional rules and such

Oh, two last commands.

connect name password == connect to an existing character after you've created it. DON'T forget your passwords cause I can't recall them. best I can do is delete your chara and let you recreate.

QUIT == log out. simple, ne?
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[User Picture]From: hinoryu
2006-11-26 08:04 am (UTC)
Seems massively confusing. x_X There's always IRC...
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[User Picture]From: sorapants
2006-11-26 04:43 pm (UTC)
its not really confusing once you get on there. it makes sense. after all, in RP you use " for dialogue anyway, right? and ; is just the command to tell the program you're starting your pose with your name instead.
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